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Oprah Calls Education Our Current Civil Rights Movement. Zuckerberg Donates 100 Million Dollars to Schools. Join Tutorpedia Foundation’s Mission.


The Tutorpedia Foundation Invites You to a Fundraiser and Candid Conversation on Changing Our Educational System


SAN FRANCISCO -- (BUSINESS WIRE) --The Tutorpedia Foundation, a San Francisco-based education nonprofit, will be hosting a fundraising event on Wednesday, February 23rd, between 6:00 and 9:00 pm, at 111 Minna Gallery, in San Francisco, CA.


In addition to auction and raffle prizes, the event will include a panel discussion with Vicky Abeles, Director of the documentary Race to Nowhere; Dennis Littky, Co-Founder & Co-Director of the charter network Big Picture Learning; and Farb Nivi, Founder of the ed-tech company Grockit.


Michelle Rhee, Bill Gates, and Governor Chris Christie are among other personalities deeply engaged in reforming our current educational system. This matter should concern all citizens, however, since education is a pillar of our society and the foundation of our future as a nation.


In 2009, Tutorpedia Directors, educators Seth Linden and David Taus, launched a non-profit foundation dedicated solely to help unprivileged students receive one-on-one tutoring.


“I believe that all students should have access to tutors who can create individualized programs to help them learn most effectively. This was the premise for starting the Tutorpedia Foundation,” explained Seth Linden, Founder and President of the Tutorpedia Foundation, who will be talking at TEDxMonterey in April.


“Fifty percent of low-income students fail to graduate high school, and in cities like Oakland and East Palo Alto the number is closer to 70%. Students in economically disadvantaged communities need the opportunity to work with tutors who can create personalized learning experiences that foster long-term academic success, while improving confidence, motivation, and a positive work ethic.”


If you, too, want to become a member of our current civil rights movement and take a stand in changing our current educational system, save the date on Wednesday, February 23rd and join Tutorpedia’s Annual Fundraiser in San Francisco.


For additional information, please visit the Tutorpedia Foundation website ( and blog today (


About Tutorpedia Foundation:


The Tutorpedia Foundation's mission is to provide high-quality, personalized tutoring and related education services to underserved students. Central to the Foundation's work is the emphasis on a personalized, collaborative relationship between student and tutor. The Foundation takes a holistic approach to the positive development of each student, and methods are carefully aligned with state content standards. Tutors conduct assessments of their students, and use grades and input from teachers, parents and guardians to determine areas of specific need, and then set measurable goals in response to those needs. More than 90% of Tutorpedia students report increases in grades test scores, confidence and motivation.




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Brazil and US to Join Forces to Feed, Fuel, the World's Growing Population, According to Agrobusiness Leader Katia Abreu 


President of the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock, Senator Abreu visits the US to ensure partnership for sustainable agribusiness


Washington D.C., Nov. 3 -- PR NEWSWRIRE -- Brazilian Senator Katia Abreu, president of the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock recently arrived in the US to lecture at Columbia University, attend meetings at Georgetown University and development banks, besides media briefings and interviews. 


Senator Abreu has also meetings with investors interested in the Brazilian agribusiness, the  Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce and BIC - The Brazil Industries Coalition. According to Abreu, the world's population reaching 7 billion persons this week brings new concerns. "By 2050 the population may reach 9 billion, therefore food and fuel sustainable alternatives must be developed".


Only 27.7% of the Brazilian territory is occupied by agribusiness, keeping 61% of the land preserved. "We maintain quality food production with environmental preservation," explains Abreu. Brazilian agribusiness accounts today for 22.4% of the GDP (US$ 467.9 billion), 37% of jobs and 37.9% of exports (US$ 76.44 billion). 


These results could significantly increase with investments in research, adoption of new technologies, and especially with the upgrade of the Brazilian Forest Code. After a series of changes since its creation in 1965, the Code goes through an update process in the National Congress to regulate the rural activity and legalize investments in the sector.


Senator Abreu is approaching the US to implement a partnership between both countries to ensure sustainable agribusiness and exports to feed and fuel the world. However, in a recent interview, Senator Abreu empathized that “Brazil won’t make enough ethanol to meet increasing demand unless cane producers invest in mills and plantations”. 


Senator Abreu returns to Brasília this week, to support the upgrade of the code, explaining the population and NGOs that according to the code no single tree needs to be cut to increase production. With current available technologies and areas already cleared, Brazil can produce more, in a sustainable environment. After all, our planet depends on its preservation. That is why the partnership with the US for a self-sustainable agribusiness is so important for both countries.



Ask Cristina Robinson All You Wanted to Know About Dating


How to Find the Love of Your Life and How to Keep Him


PRLog - Sep. 28, 2011 - SAN FRANCISCO -- SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 28 -- San Francisco-based dating expert and relationship builder Cristina Robinson will start lecturing this fall in several venues in the Bay Area. In her lectures, Cristina shares her reflections on to simplify women’s dating life and make them aware of what can make their search for your life partner effortless. 


From “Dating and the City” to “What Men Want”, Cristina has been lecturing for a number of years in private estates, offices, hotel ballrooms in different cities, about several dating relationship topics. Ms. Robinson also coaches women on private sessions, speaks on radio and TV and writes a blog, previously called How to Keep Him and now available at


Having lived in three different continents, submerged in various cultures, Cristina Robinson has a unique perspective on dating, relationship building, what men want, what women need and what makes a relationship last. “Brazilian women embrace their gender and are not afraid of their femininity”, explains Ms. Robinson. 


According to the dating expert, “deep down Brazilians hold a secret and fearlessness that empowers them that can be quite beneficial to their American sisters and help them make the right choices in a mate", adds Cristina Robinson.


For those interested in booking Cristina Robinson’s lectures, or radio and TV appearances, please contact her Public Relations at (408) 833 5016 or karina AT 

i-4d DOT com. For additional information on Cristina Robinson, please visit her website at


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